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Potential States Owned Category A SitePotential States Owned Category A Site
Category A Housing Site (Policy H1)Category A Housing Site (Policy H1)
Affordable Housing Site (Policy H5)Affordable Housing Site (Policy H5)
Port of St Helier Operational AreaPort of St Helier Operational Area
Site Safeguarded for Community FacilitySite Safeguarded for Community Facility
Waste Management SiteWaste Management Site
Waste Management Site- LineWaste Management Site- Line
Proposed Waste Management SiteProposed Waste Management Site
Aircraft Public Safety Zone 1Aircraft Public Safety Zone 1
Aircraft Public Safety Zone 2Aircraft Public Safety Zone 2
Aircraft Noise Zone 1Aircraft Noise Zone 1
Aircraft Noise Zone 2Aircraft Noise Zone 2
Aircraft Noise Zone 3Aircraft Noise Zone 3
Mineral/Sand Extraction SiteMineral/Sand Extraction Site
Provision and Enhancement of Open SpaceProvision and Enhancement of Open Space
Tourist Destination AreaTourist Destination Area
Town ExtentTown Extent
Primary Route NetworkPrimary Route Network
Highway ImprovementHighway Improvement
Eastern Cycle Route CorridorEastern Cycle Route Corridor
Regeneration ZoneRegeneration Zone
Water Pollution Safeguard AreaWater Pollution Safeguard Area
Safety Zone For Hazardous InstallationSafety Zone For Hazardous Installation
Safety Zone for Hazardous Installation- LinesSafety Zone for Hazardous Installation- Lines
Ramsar Site (UN Convention)Ramsar Site (UN Convention)
Protected Open SpaceProtected Open Space
Shoreline ZoneShoreline Zone
Protected Industrial SiteProtected Industrial Site
Jersey Airport Operational AreaJersey Airport Operational Area
Footpath EnhancementFootpath Enhancement
Potential Pedestrian PriorityPotential Pedestrian Priority
Retail Expansion AreaRetail Expansion Area
Built Up Area BoundaryBuilt Up Area Boundary
Town CentreTown Centre
Core Retail CentreCore Retail Centre
Other Category A Housing SiteOther Category A Housing Site
Green Backdrop ZoneGreen Backdrop Zone
Site Safeguarded For Education UseSite Safeguarded For Education Use
Green ZoneGreen Zone
Coastal National ParkCoastal National Park
Marine ZoneMarine Zone